Top list of Lebanese social and cultural activities


Lebanese activities 5Lebanese is known as a cultural hub in the world and day by day, its cultural significance is gaining more popularity. There is a huge number of Lebanese populations that live and work in the United States of America. So, it becomes important that the Lebanese enjoy their life in States. Culturally speaking Lebanon is the oldest name given to a country. Lebanese festivals due to its rich heritage and cultural preferences are a go-to thing for many Lebanese as they get to meet other Lebanese at such events and can enjoy their time interacting with them. A Lebanese Festival is called Maharaja.

The Houston Lebanese Festival is one of the fun cultural activities that Lebanese can enjoy. This festival is organized yearly so that a beautiful portrayal of Lebanese culture can be promoted. This festival is usually organized to present Mediterranean food, music, dance, history, and culture of Lebanon. In addition to it, many other festivals are also organized in the United States for Lebanese expats like at Saint Sharbel Maronite Catholic Church.

There’s also the Annual American Lebanese Festival is another festival that grows every year. Folklife and Lebanese Cuisines are the most entertaining activities offered here. Expats can enjoy Dabke Dance on the music from live bands. Desserts and sweets are the most enticing things that bring Lebanese to festivals as they love desserts. It is important to know some fun facts about Lebanon. Testimonies that come from pigeon clappers are not considered valid in Lebanon, because pigeon clapping is recognized as illegal, so people who do these jobs are considered not fit, even for marriages. Lebanese are very friendly and open people and they love to enjoy social and cultural life. In the US, they can find so many fun cultural and social activities that help them enjoy life. Lebanese usually follow French etiquettes and they are very hospitable. They share food and sweets with open hearts with their guests and try to make guests comfortable in all possible ways.

The Lebanese love art and literature so they can find some nice places in the US where they can participate in Performance Arts and Graphic Arts. Lebanese enjoy going to bars, meeting new people so they can do it easily in America as they can find bars in every other corner. Lebanese people love partying and like to make friends. Teens Lebanese are the people who enjoy tattooing their bodies. They love American living styles and want to adopt it as compared to older generations. It will definitely take some time on part of older generations to understand the life that new Lebanese generations want. Lebanese have been very much involved in political activities in America. They like to socialize and be part of the system as their generations have been living here in the US for decades. Political life has become an active part of their social life and they are exploring new horizon. So, Lebanese people as they are in huge numbers in America, they can entertain themselves with all fun and cultural activities in the country.

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