Great ways to network with Lebanese expatriates


Lebanese Diaspora2The signing of the first decree on the restitution of nationality put the symbolic note to the fourth conference Energy of the Lebanese Diaspora, which urged the expatriates to preserve their identity and promote investments in the country. Convened by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Migrants, the fourth Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference (LDE) brought together more than two thousand emigrants and their descendants settled in 100 countries and interested in revitalizing ties with their nation. The legal text allows the Lebanese of the diaspora to request the return of their citizenship from their countries of residence, a facility that will help bring the almost 17 million Lebanese and their descendants emigrated and dispersed throughout America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. The Lebanese citizenship program is a free initiative, launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and intended for people of Lebanese origin in the world to apply for Lebanese citizenship and benefit from their business, financial, consular, personal, social and politicians as a Lebanese citizen anywhere in the world (

For his part, Chancellor Bassil said that the Lebanese borders 'are the world' and thanked the expatriates for having 'integrated and sown seeds of success', hence it was fair for the diaspora to have deputies to represent him in the national parliament. Regardless of the political and legal rights offered by the Lebanese citizenship, and the intentions of having parliamentary representation, it is my believe that every member of the diaspora should avoid isolation and get involved in promoting the creation of associations of professionals of Lebanese origin on their respective countries of residence and supports the groups that were formed by the first emigrants with the names of their villages of origin or around their religious beliefs. Web pages like http:llwww.expat.comlenlnetworkllebanesel will help to find out and reach some of the fellow Lebanese around the world.

Another website of interest is which offers an interactive correspondence with Lebanon. Linkedin groups, despite not being a formally established organization, it has two great advantages: the generation and curing of content by the users themselves and the possibility of starting a network of contacts. The possibility of adding Linkedin to users who belong to groups in which it participates, which is a great networking tool. In these groups, you will be able to find not only immigrants of Lebanese or other origins, but also professionals from different sectors who work in professions. Facebook is a good source of information about integration activities, job offers and diverse announcements that range from news to apartments for rent.

Everything you need to reach and integrate regardless of nationality or any other stratification parameters that will allow you to search within your neighborhood or city. At the beginning, the ideal would be to establish contacts with properly formed associations, with legal status, etc., because many of these organizations offer courses and seminars to facilitate the adaptation of new immigrants, networking events for the growth of the network of contacts and professional and recreational activities for immigrant communities. My advice, search on the web pages of your municipality or local government for reference and information and get in touch with one of these associations as well as the web pages mentioned above for ways to network with the Lebanese expat community.

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