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Stateside Lebanese Sports 3With the advent of greater and greater western influences throughout the middle-east in recent years, the number of Lebanese Sports Clubs throughout the United States has expanded rapidly. But did you know that the USA now boasts three different Lebanese organizations that join US-based Lebanese sports clubs together, and they're all partnering up this summer for a big celebration.

Lebanese in America With over 1 million Americans either being born or claiming ancestry to Lebanon, America's Lebanese population is an incredibly important part of the American culture. Lebanon's most popular sport, football is one of the key aspects of everyday life for many Lebanese expatriates in America. With football beginning to make significant strides in America in recent years, this has also greatly benefited Lebanese Americans. The importance of Basketball within the United States as well has been a great boost for its Lebanese populations. From Miami Heat to the Chicago Bulls, American sporting teams have featured plenty of Lebanese American stars. The Lebanese sporting scene in the USA There are 3 main organizations in the United States for Lebanese Americans to fulfill their sporting desires. The first of which is the Midwest Federation of American Syrian Lebanese Clubs. This organization joins together a vast number of Lebanese Americans in the US.

Founded over 80 years ago, the organization strives to preserve and promote Lebanese ethnic heritage through healthy competition. Lebanese Americans like Richard Anter and his family have been members for generations and he describes the organization as being unrivaled in its support of Lebanese culture and sport. Another large organization for Lebanese American sports enthusiasts is the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs. They provide a very similar role to their Midwest counterparts, connecting their Lebanese brethren in the south. One of the most important clubs within the organization that helps to promote Lebanese Americans in their sporting endeavors is the Lebanese American country club. Based in Kentucky, this organization does more than just equestrian sports, and members like Lebanese American Susanne Karem Bishop have praised the great swimming and tennis facilities that the club has as well. All these clubs are joined together from across America through the National Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs, which ensures a strong connection between all Americans of Lebanese descent.

From Track and Field to Horse-racing and more, these clubs provide tremendous support to its Lebanese brethren A special event But did you know that this Summer there is a joint event being held by all the major clubs? Yes! From the 21 st to the 24th of June 2018, a joint convention is being held in Louisville, Kentucky. With special help from one of its key clubs, the Lebanese American country club, a national event is taking place for all Lebanese and Syrian sporting clubs and club members under the National Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs banner. Perhaps you are a newly arrived Lebanese America that doesn't quite know where to go to meet new friends and find people from home, then this event is perfect for you to scratch that sporting itch while meeting some new friends along the way as well.

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