Exciting Lebanese festivals throughout the USA


Introduction Despite her past trials, Lebanon has embraced peace and culminated into one of the most interesting places to have fun and enjoy Lebanese culture. Often referred to as, The entertainment hub of the Middle East, Lebanon is definitely worth considering for all festival enthusiasts. Most festivals have been showcased for hundreds of years, and comprise a mixture of the Lebanese culture and that of the Middle East like Egypt, whose roots with Lebanon go way back in history hence the many Cleopatra themes found at restaurants, travel agencies and of course local casinos featuring Cleopatra slots. Surely this mystical vibe of the Middle East served as an inspiration for the US to come up with such festivals. Here is a list of the top five festivals in Lebanon that no one should miss in the United States.

Lebanese Festival 1Lebanese Food Festival - Lewisville, TX

Started way back in 1994. It has been held for decades and by the looks of it even decades more. The renowned event is a wonderful display of Lebanese culture; from music to art, food, clothing and interesting Lebanese beliefs. The festival is held in the magnificent Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic church, which gives its participants the ancient Lebanese feeling with a nostalgic underpinning. It offers a perfect opportunity for a good cultural exchange between the members of the Lebanese community and the outside world. Its location is a well-known tourist site that showcases Lebanese culture at its best. With amazing food on offer enjoy delicious Lebanese cuisines and interact with the wonderful people of Lebanon.

Houston Lebanese festival.

For festival lovers looking to have a good time, then the Houston Lebanese Festival is definitely worth considering. One outstanding feature of this festival is its background and setting, which awakes the country’s ancient culture. The event has attracted performances from some of the greatest performers on earth and many more festival goers committed to attending the event year after year. Moreover, it has served as a great boost for the Lebanese people especially in regards to tourism and the promotion of Lebanese culture. The festival showcases the power of music and how music connects people regardless of race, religion or region. Better yet, its location guarantees a cool getaway from the city while giving participants a chance to engage in delicious Lebanese hospitality.

ST. Ephrem Lebanese festival

This is another famous festival in the city that no one should miss. Located in San Diego, St. Ephrem Lebanese Festival is well known for its huge crowds, moving music, and exciting experience. Done for a whole three consecutive days, the city comes alive with various events taking center stage. The food is available in plenty and this has greatly boosted city's economy in regards to tourism and creation of employment to the Lebanese people. Members of the public engage in the sale of cuisines such as, Saj Zaatar, Cheese, Tabouleh, Hummus, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Falafel, Beef Shawarma, Chicken Kabob, artifacts, and collectibles that Lebanon is well known for. This is one festival that should not be missed by all party lovers.

Lebanese festival in Birmingham USA.

The Festival is held annually in the wonderful setting of Birmingham USA which, according to history is over 100 years old. To guarantee a perfect display of Lebanese culture, the event happens during summer and is known for attracting huge crowds. It is in fact, supported by members of the local community with the organizers ensuring that it lives up to expectations year after year. The event has had its share of celebrities who occasionally grace the event to experience a true hallmark in the definition of Lebanese culture and pride. Since then, has played a unifying role among the Lebanese people. It is hence worth attending for those seeking a mixture of historic and present-day Lebanese culture.

American Lebanese cultural festival

The event is held in the world renown St. Peters Cathedral and runs for a period on the month of September, a great family event with amazing food on offer it provides a great interaction of both the Lebanese and American cultures.. If your intention is to party hard while experiencing different cultures from the Middle East, then the American Lebanese festival is worth considering. You get to enjoy the depth of art like no other place or festival in Lebanon. More so, various performances are bound to leave you dancing to some catchy tunes or shedding a tear to a touching performance in the year. The festival has promoted Lebanese art and culture and has shed global insight into the lives of the wonderful people of Lebanon.

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